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Controller Accessories

Communicator 2.0


The Communicator 2.0 is the next step up in farm control, providing an extensive alarm package along with remote access to your farms’ controllers via the mobile app or standard web browser. Recieve alerts of controller issues and alarms through phone call, text message(with optional GSM module), pager or via Rotem mobile app with push notification.

Enhanced Backup


The RBU-27 is a complete backup system that takes control during primary contoller failure or during extreme house temperatures. Not having any software the RBU-27 is highly resistant to lighting and other electrical distubances.

RDT-5 Digital Thermstat


Rotem's RDT-5 is a five stage digital thermostat that works in conjunction with Rotem controllers, the RBU-27, or as a stand-alone unit, using its own temperature settings to activate backup systems.



Manage all aspects of your farm one location with the Rotem Comm-Box. It provides remotes access to your controlers from anywhere with a smartphone app or standard web browser.



The Communicator is a standalone monitoring system for controllers without remote web access. Recieve alerts on your phone, pager or call in for a status report. Use optional GSM cellular module for alerts via text message.