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Poultry Hawk Trolley System

The Poultry Hawk trolley serves poultry farmers like a steady hired hand. Powered by a battery and commanded by remote, which includes speed control, this robust machine works hard and will be around for a long time. Additionally, its user-friendly features and its versatility will soon win your heart to the point you won't want to 'walk the birds' without it


  • 700 - 1000 ft range remote
  • Indicator light that blinks when cart is moving.(For long distance control)


  • Choose standard electic dump, turkey basket electic dump(more protected electical components) or just manual dump.
  • Fixed basket(no dump,lower sides) or egg cart also available.
  • Get the E-series cart for a great entry level system(Utilizes for farm available parts and powered by customer supplied Dewalt,Milwaukee or Makita batrtery)


  • The Dock Charge keeps Poulty Hawk charged and ready to go.
  • The rail brush keeps rail clean to improve quietness and smoothness of the Poultry Hawk.
  • Get the plastic feed insert and use your Poultry Hawk as a feed cart.