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Rotem Pro Controller

Rotems's Pro Controller is designed to manage all aspects of a poultry or swine house.


    • Up to 200 heavy-duty relays
    • 16 independent heat zones
    • Supports large number of inputs/outputs both analog and digtial
    • Precision cool cell and fogger control
    • Coordinated digital/analog static pressure control
    • Smart on/off/auto override switches
    • Real time alarms via smartphone or web
    • Supports daisy chain and star configuration architectures
    • Local and remote access (via the Web or Cloud)
    • Business Intelligence provides data analysis 24/7
    • Large & friendly numeric keypad
    • On-screen help and graphs
    • Program smart devices from controller
    • Failsafe emergency relay
    • Battery backup option
    • SD card and ARM cpu
    • Multi language support
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