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Smart Controller

Rotems's SMART Controller is a cost effective solution for poultry growers. Built for the rigorous conditions in poultry barns it provides climate control that is easy to install and program.


    • Automatic control of ventalation, cooling, and heating
    • User friendly software
    • Supported by Rotem Pc communication software
    • SMART controllersSmart models vary in number of relays and options enabling you to find a model that fits your needs.
    • Supports:
      • Temperature and humidity sensors
      • Water and feed meters
      • Potentiometer feedback
      • Wind speed and direction sensors for natural ventalation
      • Digital inputs
      • Analog 0-10 VDC outputs
      • TRIAC for variable speed fans
      • History data on PC
      • Data plug for easy transfer of settings
      • Multiple language packages
controller graph