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Eagan Folding Doors

Eagans state-of-the-art folding doors are now even better with added features that launch it into a whole new level of perfomance. Best of all, these folding doors with the NEW Sturdy Drive Hoist System have many improvements with no cost increase to customers.


  • Faster install
  • More efficient operation
  • Revolutionary door kicker system (patent pending) starts the opening process as soon as the door is unlatched
  • Allows for easy access for operation in instances of close proximity to equipment (e.g., fans, cool cells, entrance doors, etc.)
  • New fully integrated seal system eliminates seal installation
  • Offers improved sealing performance
  • Polyurethane foam injected door panels with an R-7 insulation value
  • Skin on the inside of the door can be black to aid in room darkening
  • Door comes complete with all necessary hardware
  • Quality product that will last for years to come