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Model ATF Feeder

Chore-Time’s ATF turkey feeder has proven reliable and rugged. Specially designed for use with adult turkeys.


  • Built-In High Cone evenly distributes feed in pan, prevents stale feed buildup in feed level tube. 18-inch (457 mm) diameter pan releases from 3 of 4 pan supports to swing down for easy cleaning and drying.
  • Feed-Saver Features: unique "V" pan shape helps to maintain a low feed level; feed-saver ring; 64 mm (2-inch) pan lip to catch feed.
  • The pan in made of polypropylene that has a special ultraviolet inhibitor, and the pan stays clean because the material's ultra-smooth surface will not allow feed and dirt to stick


  • Choose the ATF Plus feeder for larger turkeys 45Lbs and up.
  • Central winching system for easy adjustment of feed level.