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Feeding Accessories

Control Pan Light

control pan light

Encourage birds to eat out of control pan more with the Control Pan Light ensuring the rest of line remains full. The pan light is easy to retrofit and can be mounted on any 1.75-inch (44 mm) diameter feeder line tube with 220 V AC power supply.

Electronic Control Pan Sensor

control pan

Robust, capacitance-based electronic sensor is available for various CHORE-TIME Feeders and is designed to prevent excessive cycling of the feed line as well as to stop the feed line from running empty.

E-Z Start Feeder

e-z start

Fills feed trays when feedline runs with E-Z Start feeder. Then rotate up into the closed position, where the outlet drop stows neatly beside the tube, completely out of the way for growing birds eating from the grow-out feeding system.

Feedline Runtime Monitor

feedline monitor

The Feedline Run-Time Monitor can be connected to every feeder line in a poultry house to track daily run time per line and to build a database of information for diagnosing and solving feed distribution problems.