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Genesis Feeder

More space for birds to eat, consistent delivery of feed, and less wasted feed are just a few of the advantages of double pan feeding with the GENESIS Feeder.


  • 18 grill openings at every feeder – more than any other pan feeder.
  • Upper grill openings deliver more light and air to birds while they eat.
  • 45-degree angle on the feeder tube permits a variety of feeder configurations while still giving birds eating comfort and easy access to drinkers.
  • The feeder’s built-in catch area holds dropped feed for the birds to eat, while feed fins incorporated in the pan help to maintain the feed level and to prevent feed waste.
  • Pans swing down for cleaning on a pair of hinges with incorporated hinge locks.
  • Standard two-piece cone top allows easy pan replacement without disassembling the feeder line.


  • Choose the GENESIS Breeder feeder for adjustable width openings to keep roosters out: 41-50mm.
  • The GENESIS Control Pan, together with the feeder control, fills the system at the end of each feeding to provide consistent feed availability.
  • Choose from a loop or straight-line layout.