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Liberty Open-Grill Feeder

The LIBERTY Feeder's open grill provides easy access to the feed for birds of all ages and weights. From the scalloped grill's comfortable fit to the feed-saving fins and grill/pan edge, this feeder suits both birds and their growers.


  • The feed cone can be manually locked into the full flood position, or use winching for a variable flood level.
  • The grill extends into the feeder's pan, forming a feed-retaining lip.
  • Patented scallops on the grill/pan edge fit the shape of the birds. Grill is 2.5 inches (65 mm) at its lowest point.
  • The LIBERTY Pan hangs securely from two hinges for cleaning.
  • Non-corroding, all-plastic construction.


  • Available in turkey poult model with green inner cone.