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Model C2 Plus Feeder

Chore-Time’s famous feeders start birds well and save feed as birds grow for top feed conversion.


  • Chick-friendly 14-spoke grill design lets birds exit pans easily.
  • All-plastic construction with ultraviolet protection and reinforced eating and cone wear area
  • Feed-saving features include Chore-Time’s “V”-shaped pan bottom design, double pan lip and anti-rake fins.>


  • Optional feed windows fill pans high with feed to attract chicks.
  • Shallow pan option reduces the need for feed trays and extra labor when starting birds.
  • Extended fin model features 1/2-inch (13-mm) longer anti-rake fins to keep the cone off the bottom of the pan – permits more feed in pan when windows are closed with pan on the floor.
  • Removable top option and slide shut-off available for all models.