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UltraFlo Breeder Feeder

Chore-Time’s ULTRAFLO Feeder is a trough feeder alternative to chain feeders for breeders. The ULTRAFLO Breeder feeding system quickly and reliably delivers uniform to every breeder hen.


  • Fast feed delivery of 100 feet (30.5 m) per minute means no birds can eat until all birds can eat, eliminating competition, stress and picking over of feed.
  • Auger flightings act as a grid to prevent raking and wasting feed while trough shape provides a natural “feed catch zone” for even greater feed savings.
  • The rotating action of the feeder’s auger helps maintain an absolute mix of feed components for a direct “bin-to-bird” feed ration.


  • A variety of grill spacings and profiles is available to prevent males from eating the hens' ration.