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Quadratherm Heaters

Chore-Times Quadratherm radiant features the most innovative concept in heating. With a unique shape and a large ribbed emitter surface the Quadratherm radiates more infared heat than other style heaters.


  • The compact Quadratherm Heater delivers a robust 80,000 BTUs of QuadRadiant heat in a broad, quadrangular heat pattern.
  • Unique shape and reflective surfaces enhance transfer of infrared heat to the floor.
  • Heaters are delivered assembled and ready to hang.
  • Burner is easy to access by removing one screw.
  • Three-piece bottom eases access for cleaning.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum construction. Designed for compressed air cleaning.


  • 5 PSI / 120v high pressure model or 11" W.C. / 24VAC low pressure model
  • A Wash-Down-Proof option features the same high-temperature, co-polymer enclosure plus sealed components and a gasketed housing that prevents water penetration