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JET Radiant Tube Heaters

JET Radiant Tube Heaters provide superior heating efficiency, improved bird performance and operational advantages. The JET25 Model covers 25-60% more floor area directly below the heaters than shorter competitive models.** Additionally, the JET25 Heater burns at 100,000 BTUs, delivering 25% more output per heater than competitive units burning at 80,000 BTUs.


  • JET Heaters use a burner with a 10-foot (3.05-meter) jet-like flame combined with a unique 25-foot (7.62-meter) or 20-foot (6.10-meter) tube system.
  • The aluminum reflector forms a stepped arc using eight different angles to reflect heat from the top of the tube and direct it down to the floor in a wide pattern.
  • Aluminized tubing used in the first 10 feet (3.05 meters) of each heater resists corrosion.
  • Easy-access hinged panel simplifies maintenance.


  • JET25: 25ft long with 3.5in or 4in diameter tube
  • JET20: 2oft long with 3in or 3.5in diameter tube