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Big Foot Radiant Tube Heater

Space-Ray's new Big Foot radiant tube heater provides a large even heat footprint, thus promoting improved bird growth.


  • 19° optimized reflector angle reduces conventive wash
  • Better radiant throw for even heat distribution
  • Low clearances to combustiables above
  • Allows birds warm access to food and water
  • Unique U-bend reflector improves heat throw from endof tube
  • Rectangular pattern conforms to shape of poultry house
  • 4" diameter tyves create a large radiant surface to emit more heat over wide area
  • Each unit comes with fressh air intake kit, exhaust hood, stainless steel flexiable gas connector anf prewired electrical connection
  • Each unit is preassembled to easy installation
  • Includes TISS™ (Tube Integrity Safety System) Space-Ray's patented, innovative safety system. In the unlikely event of a tube failure, TISS has been designed to automatically shut off the heater providing grater safety and peace of mind.