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Silo Load Cells

Rotem's Silo Load Cells (RSLC) for weighing feed bins can be used with the RSW or Platinum Controllers.

An RLSC is installed under each bin leg and wired to a Rotem Junction Box which connects to the controller.

The RLSC's high quality ensures that it provides accurate data even under riorous conditions, such as high heat and humidity. The unit will not rust even in very wet environments.


    • RSLC-04: Weighs up to 1.8 ton (4,000 pounds). Four load cells (one cell per leg) can support a 6 ton bin.
    • RLSC-10: Weighs up to 4.5 tons (10,000 pounds). Four loads cells (one cell per leg) can support a 16 ton bin.