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Endura Tunnel Fan

The fiber composite Chore-Time Endura fan is designed for long life and efficiency. Pared with Chore-Times HyFlow shutter it will serve your farm well for many years. Like all ChoreTime products the design has been tested for durability in extreme conditions.


  • Durable long glass fiber composite shroud and HYFLO Shutter Doors contain 35% fiberglass for strength and to limit expansion and contraction.
  • Galvanized, powder-coated fan drive, support structures and flush-mount box. Optional stainless steel fan blade and shaft.
  • Can be installed 60 inches (152.4-cm) on center over 56.5-inch (143.5-cm) framed openings.
  • For retrofit, will fit over openings for many 48- through 54-inch (122- through 137-cm) fans.


  • Two mounting options for the flush-mount model are possible – through the wall or over the wall.
  • Capable of variable speed operation with the use of a variable frequency drive.

Flush Mount

Standard Mount