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Linear Lift Winch

Chore-Time’s LINEAR-LIFT Winch provides the power to operate poultry house curtains, tunnel doors or other applications.


  • Chain or cable is attached near the center of the threaded rod, reducing the torque of unbalanced loading
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel housing and sealed, plastic electrical box
  • Unit has an easy-access cover and uses proven Chore-Time gearhead and reversible motor
  • Safety switch light backs up the limit switch and lights up to indicate when a limit switch needs to be replaced.


  • Sizes available: 26", 36", 48", 66", 76"
  • Choose Cable-Pulley, Chain-Sprocket or Straight-Out Cable model
  • Option of bronze greasable nut or plastic two piece nut on Chain-Sprocket or Straight-Out models
  • 115v 60rpm, 230v 60rpm or 230v 30rpm models available

Two piece plastic nut

Staight-Out cable model